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Falmouth Elementary School
Harvest Fest

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Super Hero Kids

Costume Contest

Register for our first annual costume contest! Open to children in the Elementary School, and their friends and family. Below, find the categories, requirements, and judging criteria. We will have prizes for the top scorers, and adorable little skeleton trophies!

Kids will be called onto stage and will have an opportunity to state what their costume is and strike a pose before joining the group in a line-up. If your child is young or shy, you may opt out of this and we will announce them. Scroll on to find the registration form! 

That's Punny

For costumes that are a pun, have a joking element, or are being worn by particularly funny kids.


Humor - Originality - Delivery 

It's Giving Goosebumps

For scary, frightening costumes that give us all the heebie jeebies.


Fright Factor - Realism - Delivery 

It's Corn

For currently trending, or previously iconic moments, people, and media. The costume must be iconic enough to be recognizable with their introduction. 



Unique Execution - Memorability - Delivery 

Inspired Child

For kids who wear who they want to be, or who dress as a person or character who inspires them.


Originality - Passion - Heart Warming Factor

Nailed It

For a wild, dreamy idea and dedicated execution. Entries must be hand-made or hand-assembled. 



Quality of the Execution - Uniqueness of the Idea - Delivery 

The Boo Crew

For groups! Must include at least two people, and a child eligible to enter in other categories must be a central component of the group. Adults may be included, and children may register individually in another category AND in the group.

Teamwork - Originality - Delivery 

Stop Calling it Vintage

For parents of students, and adults working at the school. We deserve to win a trophy too! May be solo or groups of adults. Adult entrants may also be part of a group entry in the The Boo Crew category above.


Confidence - Accuracy - Delivery 

Meet the Judges


Ms. Doe


Mr. Patrie


Q97.9 DJ!

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Skeleton Costumes
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Register Here

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